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Multimedia Services 

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Macromedia Flash


Flash is a product designed to provide websites with animation, sound, interactivity and database integration. A free plugin, which also ships with the major web browsers, is needed to see the Flash parts of a site. Flash can create a truly multimedia website, but has certain disadvantages, and is hence best used sparingly.

We also have experience with a range of other technologies, including ASP, Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Windows, IIS, SSI and Macromedia Shockwave/Director. If you require any specialized services that we feel are outside our capabilities, then we will be happy to arrange and supervise suitably qualified contractors. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.




We create illustrated designs, Drawings, New characters, Comic books, Storyboards, 2D drawings and Video animations, after effects and much more. Please contact us to let us know what exactly you have in your mind, we will visualize it and bring it out as you desire.

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